Canvas Cabins

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The canvas cabin brings another dimension to luxury camping. It is much cheaper and easier to erect than a yurt, yet still has the benefit of real beds, raised off the ground and plenty of storage space.

It is a combination of a wooden walled base and a canvas cover with beds fixed to the wooden base.

We currently make 3 sizes of canvas cabin, the original is a 2m square with a bed either side sleeping 2 people, a walkway down the middle and storage space for luggage beneath the beds. There is plenty of room for a bedside table or similar. The new design is a 3m square with a king size bed, again with storage space beneath it and ample room remains for bedside tables, shelving and so on. Finally, there is the 3m wide x 4m long version, again with a king size bed and plenty of room for shelving etc. even a table should you so desire.


The 2m canvas cabin is a 2m square with a centre roof height of 2.35m allowing ample headroom. The walkway between the beds is 55cm wide and the wooden wall sections are 75cms high.

The 3m canvas cabin is a 3m square with a roof height of 2.95m. The wooden wall sections are 75cm high and the walkways at the side and bottom of the bed by the door are 1m wide leaving lots of room for shelving etc. and the 3m x 4m canvas cabin has the same dimensions as the 3m x 3m but with a 2m space between the door and the bed allowing for a table, travel cot or just quite simply, more space.

There are many options for the canvas including colours and flame retardant materials.

Price from €1 350 (incl.VAT)

Communal Canvas Cabin

The dimensions for this tent are the same as for 2m canvas cabin multiplied by however many tents you choose to put together, (usually 4).

The main benefit of this tent is that it is more communal and that a 2m x 2m (optionally) covered common space is created between the tents which can be utilised for seating, dining, socialising, extra storage or additional sleeping space.

A complete Communal canvas cabin consists of: 

  • The walls and all of the necessary fixings and attachments
  • The door and lock
  • Bed brackets/supports
  • Slatted bed bases
  • The wooden A frames and ridge poles for the canvas cover
  • Sets of wood screws/hooks (for attaching canvas to base)
  • Canvas covers
  • Elasticated cord (for attaching canvas covers to base)
  • 1 x instructions and guarantee

Optional extras include:

  • Windows with mosquito net and curtains
  • Pockets
  • Zipped mosquito nets at entrance
  • Slatted flooring (for under the bed, useful when storing backpacks etc.)
  • Slatted floors (for walkway between beds)
  • Shelves
  • Small tables
  • Thresholds (slatted floor by the entrance to the tent)
Canvas Cabins Glamping Festival Tent
Canvas Cabins Glamping Festival Tent