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Nothing compares to the grace and beauty of a tipi.

Its conical shape allows it to withstand very high winds. Its simplicity belies its ability to create the perfect environment at any time of year; well ventilated and cool in summer and warmed by the fire in winter. After spending time in a tipi you will be hard pressed to find another form of shelter to compare with it.

Tipi Sizes

  • Dakota style – egg-shaped base
  • Children tipi – 2m
  • Normal tipi – 3m, 4m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m
  • Size is approx. diameter and height of the tipi (where the canvas is tied to the poles)
  • Tipi canvas always comes with the canvas doors

Tipi Accessories

Door poles, lacing pins, reinforcement pole for the smoke vent ties, wooden stakes

Tipi Poles

  • Poles in one piece – for all the sizes
  • Divided poles – available only for the tipis sizes 4 – 7m
Price from €1 280 (incl.VAT)


We strongly recommend the use of a lining as this creates an insulating barrier and makes the tipi comfortable. It prevents drafts and helps to stop rain dripping from the poles. It also helps to draw smoke from the fire upward and out of the smoke flaps.

Tipi lining
Tipi Lining


The ozan is really for serious tipi dwellers only. It acts as a ceiling/partial ceiling extending from the rear of the tipi. In severe weather it can be used to stop any raindrops reaching the living area and as long as a gap is left for the smoke to escape it can also help to further insulate the living space.

Tipi Ozan
Tipi Ozan

Painted Tipis

Coloured Tipis

Coloured Tipi Ireland
Coloured Tipi Ireland