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Welcome to YURTS.IE

Yurts & Garden Rooms

Our Yurts are made by craftsmen with 20 years of experience, using only the best quality natural materials and modern components.

Yurts can be used for long-term or temporary housing, glamping, as a home office, yoga studio, workshop, day spa, forest school etc.

One structure, many ways to use it,
countless stories

When people hear the word yurt, they imagine the modest dwelling of Asian nomads. However, these unique structures have been living their own lives for an incredibly long time, and together with their inhabitants, they write their own stories!

Today, a well-made, properly built, and well-equipped yurt often serves as a fully-fledged family home – and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional building. But that’s not the end of it – there is no limit to the imagination regarding how to use yurts. You can use them as original summer bars, stylish lecture rooms, offices, facilities for forest kindergartens or luxurious as well as unusual accommodation for guests in recreational areas.

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Yurts & Garden Rooms

Great for Full-Time Living, Home Office, Glamping and more...


Garden Rooms

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